Growth Path Explained

Engage – Culture and Community


  • Just One: This is a challenge to live and invitational life. Do you have somebody or a group of people you are praying for and inviting to your home, coffee, Victory Group, or church service.  If we all reach Just One and we teach them to do the same, we see a movement of saved people.
  • One2One: This tool is excellent in either reaching your friends or laying the initial foundations in the life of a new believer.


Establish – Biblical foundations


  • Purple Book: This bible study tool helps to establish the believer in the Word of God. Have you done the Purple Book?
  • Victory Weekend: This course helps to establish a believer in faith and freedom.
  • New Believers Class: This class seeks to establish people in the spiritual family.



Equip – Believers to Minister


  • Making Disciples: This training equips believers to share the gospel and lay Biblical foundations in the lives of other believers.


Empower – Disciples to make disciples.


  • Raising Leaders: This training helps leaders to raise a new generation of disciple makers.
  • Leadership 215: This Bible school is designed to build strong theology in the life of the normal believer.  It is also a minimum theological          requirement for anyone who feels called into full time vocational ministry.

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